Vomitory + Kvaen + Exciter

02 juni
Stora scenen

Fredagen den 2:a juni ackompanjeras solnedgången i Karlstad med toner utav svärtad black, brutal döds & speed metal!

Special guests: Exciter

Vomitory har med åren blivit något utav ett husband för oss och de har alltid gjort krossande bra spelningar. Vi ser fram emot att avrunda säsongen med deras 10’e besök där döds, black & thrash får stå i fokus!” – Ola Bergli, Metal Clüb

Vomitory: When it comes to brutal death metal from Sweden Vomitory stands firmly in the fray ever since they saw the light of day in 1989. Eight albums, steady touring around the world & countless brews to go with that. This is True Swedish Beer Metal at it’s best!

KVAEN: Shrouded in violence and wildness, KVAEN is a solo project by Swedish musician Jakob Björnfot. Walking the path of flesh and bone, KVAEN plays black metal with speed and pagan metal influences.

The band delivers well-executed black metal, exploring the ‘80s infernal speed metal reign and breathing the vision of Viking age, cold steel, death, and Ragnarök. Charged with diabolic melodies, this album grabs the listeners and takes them on a wild ride through mysterious barren wastelands of northern Sweden!

EXCITER is a Canadian speed metal band from Ottawa, formed in 1978. Named after a song by Judas Priest, they are widely considered to be one of the first speed metal bands and a seminal influence of the thrash metal genre. The band was heavily influenced by a variety of music styles including Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Deep Purple, Scorpions, Iron Maiden, Motörhead, Rush, Jethro Tull and Grand Funk Railroad. Their debut record, Heavy Metal Maniac, in 1983 is largely accepted as one of the first speed/thrash metal records and is quoted as being a main influence for some of the biggest names in metal today!
They are returning to Europe to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their classic debut album ”Heavy Metal Maniac”. Widely regarded as one of the most influential albums of the genre, ”Heavy Metal Maniac” set a benchmark for fast and furious metal that still resonates with fans worldwide.

With its driving rhythms, scorching solos, and powerful vocals, ”Heavy Metal Maniac” helped shape the sound of the emerging Heavy Metal scene and has inspired generations of musicians since its release in 1983.

Dan Beehler, drummer and singer of EXCITER, says:
40 years later and the legacy of ‘Heavy Metal Maniac’ is as strong as ever. We can’t wait to play these classic songs and share in the celebration with our brothers and sisters across Europe with our biggest production yet. Thank you for your dedication and support maniacs, we’ll see you very soon…POUND IT!


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När: Fredag 2 juni

Tid: Dörrar: 21.00 | Stagetime fr 22.00

Ålder: 18+

Biljett: Från 195sek + avg

Förköp: Via, & Scalateatern i Karlstad på tele: 054-190080.